Hi, I am Dharmaraj Thapa, I am from Pokhara, Nepal since 27 years I live in Mumbai with my Family we are 4 members in family.(My sweet wife, handsome son and a beautiful daughter)  Know More >>

I am an Electrical and Instrument engineer. I'm also a professional  website designer and Developer. I am working in web designing to spend my extra time after office hour.  I have Developed more than 120 websites for India and Nepal.

With respect to MAKE IN INDIA Brand I always provide low cost website to people.
In a past life, I have spend very hard time,working hard as a Electrical/Instrumentation JR. Engineer,  I was a junior engineer at previous organisation. I'm the founder/organiser our social website http://begnasonline.com and my personal business website http://webword.in 
I am  also very successful engineer of automation Project. At present I am working with MS Supertech instrumentation (I) Pvt. Ltd, Thane Mumbai, India. 
I am fully satisfied with this organization. 

If you want to say hi, I'm most responsive on facebook page, and you can email me to  info@drthapa.com Thank you for  reading about me, pleases like on my social facebook page http://facebook.com/drthapag

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